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We copy a strategy used by Richard Bransin in the 1980's to start his airline without 'betting the farm' which guarantees success.

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As we are only placing products in front of red hot buyers we get high conversions (often over 50%) as we are able to build know, like and trust.

about us

Paul Murphy has been online marketing since 2002

Once I discovered the holy grail of advertising in 2002 (Google) I was immediately hooked. This served me well until Google started applying penalty slaps. (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird) and my entire network was delisted. That is until I discovered this new way to get free ads. The great news is that Google absolutely loves this method and we are now best friends again.

I discovered this from affiliate marketing and selling ecommerce products online. I was actually broke for nearly four years before I discovered how to get free ads on Google using this little known 100% white hat method.


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When we noticed that everyone online seems to fall into the same traps we decided that something had to be done.

I developed a simple five step system that I have taken over 3500 students through with some amazing results.

I decided to make this available for free...


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I have beenb in online marketing for over ten years and I had recently been doing digital ads on Google & Facebook. Paul's system for free ads works. I got 72 page one listings for a competitive affiliate products in the first two weeks. 

Todd Temaat


Paul made various promises to me when I started working with him, one of which was to drive free traffic. He over delivered on all of his promises and I was able to rank fast on the first page of Google. In you are on the fence about working with Paul then my advice is to take the leap of faith as I did and you wont be disappointed.

Rob Begg

Online COACH

WoW WoW WoW Mr Paul Murphy is a God in the Google arena! These last few months have been amazing getting to know the man himself and learning his Kung Fu. Due to some personal issues I had to delay my journey but jumped back on recently and uploaded my FIRST video to my new channel just 6 hours ago and followed Paul's instructions step by step and its already No.1 on GOOGLE. Dam sir you are the REAL DEAL...And not to mention a Gentleman and an all around great guy! Thank You again Paul Murphy ????

Jason L Davis